Why Choose Us

As your dental wellness provider, we are committed to a gentle and caring approach that focuses on the esthetic beauty and long-lasting health of your smile. We understand the connection of your mouth to your overall wellness, and go to great lengths to provide the most advanced care that we can, in a comfortable office setting.

Dr. Chandragupta and his staff are well-trained professionals who work together as a team to bring you our high standards of dentistry in a warm, caring setting. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, as you get to know us. We encourage you to become involved in creating and maintaining your dental health.

At the first visit, after a thorough examination, you and Dr. Chandragupta will discuss your needs and desires and together develop your personalized dental healthcare plan. We will work with you to plan and schedule your treatment, determine your insurance benefits and help you make financial arrangements before beginning any treatment.

Children's Dentistry
We are a family practice, which means that we care for many children, from childhood through adolescence. Dr Thornton’s gentle and caring approach ensures that children have the most positive experience possible when visiting for cleanings or other more advanced procedures.

Comprehensive General & Preventative Dentistry
Regular visits to our office ensure that your teeth and mouth remain as healthy as possible. We give thorough dental examinations to all of our patients, whether it is their first visit or one of many. Our goal is to detect and prevent any dental health issues early so that you can avoid costly treatment in the future. Our Goal is to help you maintain a truly excellent level of oral health for the rest of your life. Every recommendation you receive from us will reflect that commitment to excellence.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
We provide a range of Cosmetic and Restorative services to help you maintain, enhance and rejuvenate your beautiful smile. Our cosmetic and restorative treatments allow our patients to smile with confidence!

Dental Technology
We incorporate many of the most advanced dental technology into our treatment to increase your comfort and to increase our ability to properly diagnose and treat you. Dr Thornton and her staff are highly trained and proficient in the use of this modern technology.

Comfortable Office
We have gone to great lengths to keep our office updated and fresh, with a comforting environment to relax you during your visit.

We go the extra mile to take care of you while you're in our office, but we also realize how valuable your time is. We minimize waiting by providing you with completely automated forms. No more waiting an extra 30 minutes with an awkward clipboard. Just click here to fill out and submit your forms before you arrive for your appointment.

Infection Control
We follow strict infection control protocol in order to insure your absolute safety. Our modern equipment has been specifically designed to aid in this process. For each patient, all dental instruments and handpieces are heat sterilized. Countertops are chemically disinfected and where applicable, disposable barriers are used.